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How to win 2048 (tips and trick)

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i found this game in fb, i think is very interesting, make me crazy like flappy bird

based on wikipedia 2048 is a single-player online game created in March 2014 by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli, in which the objective is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048

This time i will share tips and trick how to win 2048 game, there are 4 possibilities, left 25%, right 25%, down 25%, up 25%

first u must open the app from FB


2. from web

3. from appstore

4. and playstore

if played on fb, this game has no cheat, so..

1. the big question is how to get 2048?



we can see 4×4 box, which if we want win this game we must make our work-box, so better is 2048 is in 1 box, and to get it we work in 15 box other.

2. we must read the possibility of direction, if up/down/left/right how much get the chance for next move

3. keep the biggest number in the corner, if cant, its all right if in 1 row/column.

watch this


its okay if the biggest number is move to left, the important thing is in 1 column or row




go on



and the last we get 2048


if it 2048 i change my strategy, because the work box is much fewer, keep the biggest number in the corner whatever happen, and the game is continue..

finally i get 4096. my high score is 81000.



1. keep the highest number in 1 column/row before 2048, better in corner

2. keep your work is in sequence like 2-4-8-16, so if the new number is appear 2, we move 2 to the left, and than up and right, so we get 32 isn’t it? applies also to the other number



first we must

complete 64 to 128 so as in sequence, to reach that we complete

2 to 8

8 to 16

16 to 32

and stop

continue to 16, 8,4

eventually become


16-  8  –  4   –

so if we get 4, the sequence is complete, and we get 512

3. focus in one number and keep calculate the chance up, down, left, right do the smallest risk.


have fun 🙂



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